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Russ Foxx offers hands-on training workshops for serious practitioners already working in the piercing industry. Professional and working studio space required for all training workshops.

Types of workshops and seminars offered:

-Surface piercing techniques
-Basic body piercing techniques
-Adult body piercing techniques
-Dermal anchoring techniques
-Freehand piercing techniques
-Punch & taper techniques
-Play piercing techniques
-Flesh stapling techniques

Russ also offers studio-specific sterilization room layout design and protocol. This requires a visit to your studio to assess the conditions that you are working with. This process involves:

-Taking notes on your studio's current sterilization facility layout
-Writing up and submitting formal sterilization facility protocol specific to your studio layout
-Advice regarding ways that you can upgrade your equipment and setup to make procedures run more safely in your studio
-100% confidentiality

Workshops, training, sterilization protocol and studio layout design vary in cost.  Contact Russ for more details.

Group rates available.