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Russ Foxx's Blog

Wanted: Indoor Location for Winter Suspensions!

Now that summer is over, it's time to find a warm place to suspend!!!

I'm currently looking for a new indoor location to use for body suspensions in the Vancouver, BC area. If you
have a space that you'd be interested in using for this, please contact me: russfoxx at gmail dot com.

A few necessary specifications:

-Lots of clearance from floor to ceiling (ceiling height of 12"-15" minimum)
-Structural support for the building available somewhere and accessible to rig up to
-Hard floors (easy to clean)
-Running water
-Lots of square footage is also a plus, as that would mean space for spinning beam usage and swinging around

I am in the stages of planning another full day SusCon in Vancouver for the very near future, so finding a new location is necessary for this to happen. Contact me if you can help!

spinning beam


West Coast Freakshow Tour 2007!!!

This September, watch out BC! The Great Orbax Sideshow is teaming up with The Lizardman to terrorize the West Coast! As always, I'll be honoured to throw my own blood, sweat and hooks into the mix.

I'll be performing Thursday September 13th @ Citrus Nightclub in Langley, BC and The Cobalt on Friday September 14th! Come check it out!



Van City Indoor SusCon Sunday July 22nd 2007!

I'm hosting a full day indoor SusCon on Sunday July 22nd at a beautiful photography studio in central Vancouver!

Optional professional photoshoots of your suspension will be provided on site for a fee, including a disk of your shoot given to you that day. Re-worked photos will be available by request.

There will be equipment to accommodate every type of suspension as well as a spinning beam on site.

SusCon questions or to book your suspension, contact Russ Foxx @ 778-227-9187 or