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New World Record Achieved: "Most Surgical Needle Piercings in one Session"

We did it again!

On Dec 22 2015 At Human Kanvas Tattoo: Matthew Menczyk & I successfully beat our existing Guinness World Record for "The Most Surgical Needle Piercings In One Session" in the name of local Calgary shelter:

We raised the bar from 4550 to 4745 and did it in 9 hours and 13 minutes (including a 5 minute break per hour). The record attempt was very long and taxing on us both, but it was all worth it in the end!

An enormous thank you goes out to Rebecca, Carly, Mila, Brandi, Mel, Francessca, Jenny, Mel, Gus, Jason and everyone else who volunteered their time/efforts/etc. to prepping and assisting with any tasks during the record attempt itself. We could not have done it without your support and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

That wraps up the projects for 2015!

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday and look forward to what's in store for 2016! Big things on the horizon!

Photos by Aryn Toombs Photojournalism

Guinness World Record Attempt for Those In Need!

Please copy/paste this link to share and spread the word:

One year ago Matthew Menczyk & I attempted to beat the Guinness World Record for "The Most Surgical Needle Piercings In One Session".

Not only did we beat it; we officially raised the bar from 3,900 to 4,550!

Awesome, right? Well, that wasn't good enough for us.

This coming Dec 22 at Human Kanvas Tattoo in Calgary, Alberta we are going to attempt the impossible and raise the bar to 6,000 in support of those in need of shelter and help this holiday season!

This event is open to the public and media and begins at 9:00am. It will go until whatever time we finish; possibly as late as midnight.

Please show your support by donating online or on site to

For almost twenty years, Inn from the Cold has operated as an agency of last resort for those children and their families who find themselves, literally, with no place else to go. We go far beyond provision of shelter, food, and clothing. Our services also focus on the many support needs that ensure children and their families begin the process of recovering their dignity, their self-worth, their independence, and their hope. We offer shelter, sanctuary, and healing through an integrated continuum of services that includes emergency shelter, instrumental needs, primary medical care, case management, therapeutic early childhood programming, supported housing, and an open door policy to all in need.

In 2014, 2,297 children and their families called Inn from the Cold home during a period of crisis and of them more than half of our guests were children. This was a 130% increase in demand for our shelter services and we operated over capacity got 97% of the year with an average length of stay of 57 days.

Sadly, children and their families are the fastest growing demographic impacted by homelessness and we remain committed to a vision of a community where no child or family is homeless. Our door is open 24/7, 365 days a year and we turn no family away.

Some statistics from this year:

So far in 2015:

Shelter Bed Stays: 30,188
Knox Bed Stays (overflow shelter space) : 10,552
# of meals served: 122,220
57% of guests each night are children
Average of 44

Average length of stay: 48.3

Early Childhood Development
54% of shelter families participate in ECD
# of Activities: 520
Attendance in activities: 4783

Must watch video about the importance of our Early Childhood Development Programs:

Now Taking Bookings For The #2015CanadianFallModTour


I am now taking bookings for my upcoming Canadian mini-tour!

If you are in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Ontario and would like work done, email to book in!

Tour starts in September 2015, so contact me quick if you want in on it! 

New YouTube Channel Trailer Released!

I just released a trailer for my YouTube channel! Check it out and subscribe!

Burns the Dragon VS. Russ Foxx - This Saturday Night in Vancouver

This Saturday night at The Imperial Venue in Vancouver:

Burns the Dragon: freak show performer and snake handler VS. Russ Foxx - Body Modification & Ritual Suspension Artist

We have a score to settle ONCE AND FOR ALL!

GLORY for the winner. HUMILIATION for the loser.

Come witness the events unfold ON STAGE at Electro Swing CIRCUS IV!!!

There will be hooks. There will be blood. The scars will mark us for the rest of our mortal lives.

Don't miss it!