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Now Taking Bookings For The #2015CanadianFallModTour


I am now taking bookings for my upcoming Canadian mini-tour!

If you are in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Ontario and would like work done, email to book in!

Tour starts in September 2015, so contact me quick if you want in on it! 

New YouTube Channel Trailer Released!

I just released a trailer for my YouTube channel! Check it out and subscribe!

Burns the Dragon VS. Russ Foxx - This Saturday Night in Vancouver

This Saturday night at The Imperial Venue in Vancouver:

Burns the Dragon: freak show performer and snake handler VS. Russ Foxx - Body Modification & Ritual Suspension Artist

We have a score to settle ONCE AND FOR ALL!

GLORY for the winner. HUMILIATION for the loser.

Come witness the events unfold ON STAGE at Electro Swing CIRCUS IV!!!

There will be hooks. There will be blood. The scars will mark us for the rest of our mortal lives.

Don't miss it!

The People Who Suspend Need Your Help!

The People Who Suspend need your help! Please click the link and contribute like I did!

The media has a strong bias toward sensationalism when covering issues. The motivation to sell advertising space and make a profit all too often trumps the desire to tell the whole truth. We are not all the sadists and masochists that mainstream media frequently depicts us as, although that story will never be told without this documentary, because many of the people practicing this ancient ritual refuse to step into the public spotlight due to fear of being misrepresented and having their reputation damaged. People have lost their jobs after employers have found out about their practice of suspension. They have been shunned from their churches and sometimes even their families. In the most disturbing case, a woman had custody of her child taken from her. This is painfully ignorant and unjust.

Click here for the Kickstarter campain link

Click here for the documentary website:

Now Taking Bookings For My 2015 Canadian Spring Tour!

I am now taking bookings for British Columbia throughout the winter, then right across Canada starting May 2015! I will be driving from the West Coast to the East coast and back, so there will be at least 2 stops in most cities.This tour will likely end at some point in July 2015.

If you would like to book in, contact me by email to do so at

Please copy/paste/share this link in your social media to help spread the word: