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Vacation time!

On vacation Oct 4-14! Please email during this time for bookings and I will get back to you when I get home!

August / September 2014 Canadian Mini Tour!

I have put together a tentative schedule for my upcoming mini tour. If you have already booked in, please email to verify whether the listed dates will or won't work for you. Alternatively, if you'd like to book in, use the same email to set it up!

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Stock at Large Episode 18

Ryan Stock is a madman! I removed a quarter from literally within the back of his hand in episode 18 of Stock at Large! Legit!

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Westbound Tour Stop : Kelowna, BC!

Westbound Tour Stop: Kelowna, BC! 

I'm taking bookings in Kelowna from now until Saturday June 28th! Book your stuff and things while you can!

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Next stop: Van City!

Westbound Tour Stop : Calgary, AB!

Westbound Tour Stop : Calgary, AB!

I'm taking bookings in Calgary, AB Wednesday June 25th! Contact me asap if you'd like me to fit you in for any work! 

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Next on deck: Kelowna, BC!