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Russ Foxx's Blog

Implant NFC tag chip for door lock home security

Here's a quick video to show how my NFC Samsung Smart Doorlock System works.
It accepts up to 70 reprogrammable profiled passcodes as well as NFC tags to unlock. Tags can be worn on a keychain as a fob or special tags can be implanted for added convenience and security. The implantable tags can be used for countless other applications as well.
I always keep various implantable NFC and RFID tags in stock, so email to inquire or book yours today!

Now Taking Bookings for my 2017 Canadian Spring Mod Tour!

I'm now taking bookings for my #2017CanadianSpringModTour! This tour begins in April and ends in June.

I will be hitting most major cities in BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, NS, PEI, NFLD

Email if you would like to book in!

Payment plans available. Email to inquire. 

Now Taking Bookings - 2016 Canadian Fall Mod Tour

Attention BC, AB, SK, MB, ON & QC:

I am now taking booking for my upcoming ‪#‎2016CanadianFallModTour‬ this Sept/Oct!

Email for inquiries and bookings! Act fast, as my time fills up quickly!

Blood Painting

Not all images are for sale; but I do take commissions for future pieces.

All of my paintings are clear-coated blood on canvas. 

Email me for pricing and inquiries.

"Furiosa" - Russ Foxx 2016 (sold)


"Freddy Krueger" - Russ Foxx 2016 (sold)

"Mila" - Russ Foxx 2016 (sold)


"Sebastian" - Russ Foxx 2016 (sold)


Suspension / Camping Retreat in Whistler, BC July 8 - 10 2016

The RISE Suspension Crew is hosting a weekend camping/suspension retreat Fri July 8 - Sun July 10 in Whistler, BC! Come for part of the weekend or all of it! Either is fine, as there is no cost to attend!

*This event is open to those who don't plan to suspend; just be respectful of those who do*

Amenities involved for those who want to indulge:

-camping (no fee required)
-body suspensions ($150 fee required w/o your own hooks, $75 fee required w/ your own hooks)
-bungee jumping (not with hooks) ($135 fee required)
-kayaking/rafting (lake and advanced white water) (must bring your own kayak/raft)
-lake swimming (no fee required)

Pet/family friendly. Ride shares from Vancouver available.

Space is limited, so email to get registered ASAP!

(Exact location will not be made public)

RSVP and share on facebook