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Body Suspension

Body suspensions are most often practiced for ritual reasons to gain a higher level of spiritual fulfillment or awareness. They can be practiced simply for the experience and/or self exploration, or used as a symbolic tool and represents an important event in life - such as representing one's passing from childhood to adulthood or the bond two people may share. Suspensions are sometimes brought to the stage for performance art and sideshow also.

Participants are pierced with hypodermic needles followed by sterile single-use hooks, which are temporary and removed immediately following the suspension. Various types, sizes and amounts of hooks are required for different types of suspensions. Varying levels and types of rigging are also required for different levels and types of suspensions.

Pulling is another form of hook play in which the participant(s) use their own strength and weight to put pressure on their hook(s); rather than actually hanging from them. This offers a very different sensation in comparison to standard suspension. Pulling can involve more tension on the hooks than an average suspension, depending on how much force is being utilized.

For BME's full body suspension FAQ, please click here

-All gallery images are suspensions and pulls orchestrated by
Russ Foxx with support from members of Modern Body Suspension, IWasCured,
iHung, Local Hookers, DFX & ROP.



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