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Frequently Asked Questions

Magnet Rupturing Myths:

If you have went searching for information about magnet implants, you may have noticed that the little information available is mainly from a negative experience documented by Shannon Larratt in 2003 on BME. These implants by Steve Haworth were in their testing phase back then and never made it to mass production.

These first magnets were dip-coated with implant-grade silicone, and rather large in size. Due to the dip-coating process, the silicone coating on these magnets was easy to rupture with physical force (Shannon's fingertip implants were ruptured by opening a jar). Due to the cylindrical shape of the magnets and the coating being an ovular shape, this left weak points in the silicone on the corners of the magnet.

After learning this flaw, the design was changed in two major ways: smaller gold-plated rare earth magnets are now used and they are injection-coated rather than dip-coated. This leaves the coating completely even around the cylindrical shape of the magnet and able to take much abuse with very little risk of rupturing due to force from everyday hand functions.

Magnet Interference with Electronic Devices Myths:

These magnets have been tested against all sorts of electronic devices as well as magnetic strips on bank cards/credit cards. They have been found to be unable to cause any damage to any of these devices prior to being implanted into the body, which makes them even less likely to affect these items when in the body. These magnets are strong enough to achieve new sensations within the body, but not strong enough to damage these external devices.

If you ever need to have an MRI, advise your doctor that you have this magnet implant and that it will need to be protected during your MRI procedure. Having an MRI done could potentially pull your magnet out from your body, causing physical damage to the implant location, physical discomfort and possible damage to the MRI machine.

Implant-Grade Silicone Life Information:

The oldest implants using this specific implant-grade silicone coating have been healed in the body since 1967. This silicone is very trustworthy.

The term "surgical steel" is commonly used by jewellery manufacturers and distributers as a marketing term. Using this term creates the false illusion that their jewellery meets some sort of medical standards, when in fact it often does not meet any standards at all. When looking to be pierced, be sure that your piercer is using jewellery the meets ASTM standards.

It is your responsibility as a consumer to educate and protect yourself against substandard materials. A knowledgable and ethical piercer will gladly these facts to you upon request.


Organized in 1898, ASTM (the American Society for Testing and Materials) is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world.

ASTM is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for the development and publication of voluntary consensus standards for materials, products, systems and services. More than 32,000 members representing producers, users, ultimate consumers, and representatives of government and academia from over 100 countries develop documents that serve as a basis for manufacturing, procurement, and regulatory activities. ASTM develops standard test methods, specifications, practices, guides, classifications, and terminology in 130 areas covering subjects such as metals, paints, plastics, textiles, petroleum, construction, energy, the environment, consumer products, medical services and devices, computerized systems, electronics and many others. ASTM Headquarters have no technical research or testing facilities; such work is done voluntarily by the ASTM members located throughout the world.

"Implant grade jewellery" is manufactured from the same materials used in medical implants. In order to be considered implant grade, the metals in this jewellery must meet ASTM specifications. The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world. Their system of specifications provides assurance of the quality, make-up, testing and reliability of materials in the marketplace. 

See ASTM material specifications for stainless steel here.

See ASTM material specifications for titanium here.

Of course you can! Read on!


Play Piercing - Kat - December 3 2009


I don't expect any of you to understand, but this was not done for your
benefit, it was done for mine. As some of you know I have a modest
collection of tattoos and piercings. What many of you don't know is I
also have a chronic fear of needles. Blood tests and shots, can't do em
without crying. Needles on TV, I'm curled in a ball with my eyes
closed, shuddering.

A friend of mine recently suggested a play piercing session with a
friend of hers who specializes in body modification from the mainstream
to the obscure. I was unaware of anything like that and would like to
include a description taken from to try and help

"Play Piercing can be done for many reasons; Enlightenment, aesthetics,
fetish & sexuality, photos, performances/demonstration

etc. In all of these cases they are temporary and removed a short time
after being put in. Play piercings can be done by inserting multiple
hypodermic needles or jewelry can be used in some cases as well."

For my particular experience, I was trying to deal with my chronic fear
of needles as well as certain trust issues I struggle with. I am proud
to say that I ended up with 29 needles and made it through to the end,
and I laughed more than I cried! I was also able to watch my friend go
through the same procedure with cringing or leaving the room.

It has now been a couple days since and there are no marks on my back
and I feel much stronger for doing it. Like I said, You may not
understand but I do and I'm very happy I did it.





Vertical Lowbrets - Brianne- Wed Aug 26 2009

Yesterday I finally got the pair of vertical lowbrets I have coveted
for years! They are exactly how I wanted them and now the task is
healing them happily. <3

Here is some info about the piercing as well as pics:

I am getting a lot of questions about them so I'll try to answer them.
They are the first ones Russ has done, and he did a marvelous job. I
wouldn't have let anyone else do them. I have never personally met
anyone else who has them and might be the only person in Van that has
them but that's not why I got them, I just really really like the look
of piercings along the jawline and I have a pretty square head. If you
look back at my art over the last few years you'll see them a lot...
We spent a lot of time marking them and making sure they were in
absolutely the right place. I wanted them to be as low and far apart as

They were done at 12g with 3/4" internally threaded bars with a super
tiny disc on the inside and a bead on the outside. I originally wanted
gem beads but they are king of huge and probably not the greatest for
healing. Still looking for 14g internal thread low-profile gem beads.
If not, giant headlight-shaped gems it is.

The tiny disc rests against my cheek above my gums at a slight inward
angle from where they are on the outside. It was pretty awkward to do
because of how far in they are so Russ is officially amazing. As for
the actual piercing part, yes it hurt. Haha. It was slow going through
that much tissue but necessary. Going through the skin on the inside
and outside was pinchy and hurty in a typical piercing way, but the
rest was mostly just intense and deep, dull pressure where I could feel
every millimeter. It was kind of cool and I totally get why people
skewer their cheeks now. It is definitely not for the faint of heart
however, I would consider my pain tolerance fairly high but I was
feeling a little floaty after. But will overcomes pain! I wanted them
too bad!

Afterwards felt like I had been smiling forever. Victory high-fives and
dances commenced. Swelling is not terrible but noticeable and I am all
over it, doped up on my ibuprofen and chamomile tea.

This morning I discovered the tiny discs were too tiny as they were
getting pulled into the piercing channel on my right side which was
both scary and AWFUL FEELING. So I ran downtown and had an emergency
jewelry change which was was executed with impressive mad skillz but I
hope did not make my lowbrets too angry. Bigger discs now and I think
they'll be ok.

Right now I have a very unbecoming man jaw. Soup is my friend.
I expect healing to be lengthy but uneventful, I hope they want to stay in my face.
Pics as soon as they look better. For now, Russ's pics

The end?

12g Vertical Lowbrets12g Vertical Lowbrets12g Vertical Lowbrets12g Vertical Lowbrets


Princess Albertina Piercing - Caeli

Let me preface this by saying I'm on the heavier-modded side of my
friends; I have no tattoos, but I've invested plenty of time and money
into my piercings, and recently discovered a love of scarification and
sutures. That being said, my job doesn't allow much room for
modification; everything I have is subtle- rooks and a studded nostril
are about as far as I can go in my current position. In a lot of ways,
it's felt like a hindrance; there are many piercings I'd like to get
but can't in the name of appearance, but on the other hand, each
modification invisible to the professional eye is a quiet little thrill
for me.

I came to Russ because I'd been pondering for the longest
time cutting a design into myself, and he was the first Vancouverite
with a good ad campaign (no, seriously, he gets around) promoting scar
work. He is also in the process of attaining a medical degree, and came
recommended from my initial piercing parlour. When I first saw him, I
had only had my VCH for two months- a piercing that, quite frankly, had
initially scared the bejesus out of me, because I'd never had anything
that sharp close to my junk, and because my reaction to it was a
panicky fit of giggles that I couldn't turn off. Not my proudest
moment. After Russ cut my first scar into me, we talked more
frequently, because the process isn't clarified- there's no one right
way to do it, but a series of safety precautions that will hopefully
ensure a good scar. Five months, two lip suture sessions, a bout of
play-piercing and my second scar piece later, I made a decision. I
trust Russ. He's incredibly sterile and sa fe, always available for
follow-up, friendly, gentle and knowledgeable. He'd never done a
Princess Albertina before, but after research and an examination, I
felt good about asking him to do mine.

We made an appointment, in the vaguest sense of the word- I think I
called him up and asked when he'd be in, and told him what I was
thinking about, since we'd already discussed it a few times before. I
decided to come down a day early, because.. honestly, I was impatient,
and he was available. I had the normal pre-piercing tingles while he
reviewed the procedure, the equipment and the aftercare methods- we
took long enough for Cerah, Russ' girlfriend and Fall front staff, to
turn up, which I'd been banking on in the hopes of having good pictures
afterwards. We talked and I paced while he set up the equipment and
sterilised the bed, and I got my own set of gloves to help while he
worked. The set up was, oddly, more comfortable than a pap smear- no
speculum, no stirrups, no unnaturally cold hands and gross, sticky
lubricant. Just me wriggling into position, and him poking and prodding
for a bit- I'm amused that he has a better handle on my body's layout
than I do. I suppressed my giggle instinct and bit my lip while he
worked the clamps in. He fit the tube, placed the needle, talking about
weekend plans all the while, and the countdown came so fast I hardly
noticed. I was breathing in through my nose one minute, and the second,
I had an improbable and evil-looking needle through my urethral wall.

This piercing hurt less than changing nostril jewelry. That's the first
thing I noticed. I'd seen a picture of the needle and had cringed
inwardly, and I'd examined my own anatomy, and I'd had some doubts and
a few self-conscious episodes about that, but everything went off
without a hitch. Pressure, a slight stinging sensation, and Russ was
saying, 'That's it, you're in.' Needless to say, I was pleasantly
surprised. There was very little swelling, and I wasn't waddling for
three hours like I had with my VCH. As a matter of fact, sitting up was
easy and created a lot of pleasant friction previously missing from my
life (I am so happy I corrected this problem with my previous

It's day three, and I no longer bleed when I blot (I'm still scared
I'll forget and wipe normally)- it barely bled during the process, and
never when I peed. The aftercare is tricky to say the least, and
temperatures that feel okay to my fingers are not alright with my bits.
The worst I feel is a constant, psychosomatic need to go to the
bathroom, and all other side effects are extremely beneficial. There is
some downsizing to do, as it's currently a bit prominent, but I'm
already in love with the way it looks and feels- heavy and comforting.
I have high hopes for the healing speed with this one, as with my VCH,
and instructions to take notes regarding this piercing for the next
lucky customer Russ takes on.


Bridge Piercing - Tasha


I always want more and
more piercings, and I couldn't decide what to get since I got my tongue
pierced. Finally deciding I wanted to go with a facial piercing, I had
three I really wanted to choose from. They were my septum, labret, and
my bridge. Asking friends what I should get, they all said my labret
thinking that the others would look funny. Well being the type of
person I am I went against what they said and decided to get my bridge
pierced. I was waiting to get this done for about a week, as the day
neared closer and closer I got more excited. At the same time I took my
friend to get her navel pierced for her birthday.

I had talked to Russ earlier that day and told him I was on my way up
to see him. Not thinking about it on the way so I didn't get all worked
up and nervous. We got to The Tunnel and we went up to see him, and
told him what I wanted. I was excited and Russ likes doing bridge
piercings. So I made my friend go first (since it was her birthday) so
I could see how she would handle the pain. As soon as he finished I
knew it was my turn, excited yet nervous he told me it might take
awhile to mark it. He first got some q-tips to clean the makeup of my
skin. Then got the marker and started make little dots, he had to make
sure it looked good from every angle. It didn't take as long as he
thought it would, he had me check out the marks and asked one of my
friends and we came to a conclusion. He matched the size of a barbell
to my bridge to make sure it was the right size.

He had me lay on his cool table, and he pushed the button to make the
table go up. He got the clamps and told me he was putting them on. I
wasn't quite sure what to expect seeing as I had no other facial
piercings. The clamps themselves hurt, as he told me he was almost
ready to pierce me. Russ said "Ok Tasha," take long slow breaths in
through the nose and out through the mouth. I grabbed my friends hand
and closed my eyes, he said breathe in...and...out. Feeling the needle
go through my skin, I started to relax. He asked me if I was alright
and told me he was going to put the jewelery in. I said ok as my right
eye started to water. He finished putting the jewelery, and I decided
to lay there for a minute to make sure I was ok. He was pleased with
his work and told me to have a look to see what I thought. I stood up
and walked to the mirror, only being able to concentrate on the shiny
balls from the barbell. I looked in the mirror and I loved it, he told
me that it was a portf olio shot. He got his digital camera and took a
couple pictures, me being happy cause I never got in the portfolio
before. He then explained how to keep the piercing clean, and told me
there would be a little bit of swelling. Being a fresh piercing it
started to sting a little, but nothing I couldn't handle.

We finished up our conversation, and Russ had to go back to work. And
we went on our way back home. Realizing that it didn't hurt as much as
my tongue, and wanted to see what it was like to take care of and
clean. Since I don't sleep with my face in the pillow, I didn't have a
problem with it while sleeping. I left it alone for the first night and
cleaned it in the morning with spectro gel and q-tips, making sure I
washed my hands first of course. I would say it has to be one of the
easiest piercings to clean since it's in the middle of my face.
Cleaning it no more then twice a day and making sure the jewelery was
tight before I went to bed. But I was soon to realize that it got
irritated when in the cold. With nothing I could really do about it
cause it was always in the open. But couldn't wait to go to work the
next day to see what my manager would have to say.

I went into work and he looked once and then suddenly turned his head
really fast, only to stare and say OH MY GOD! He told me it gave if
chills down his spine just from looking at it, but he couldn't believe
I went through with it. Since I work with a lot of people constantly, I
kept getting comments and stares. Some of the comments were rude and
judgmental, and some others were compliments. A lot of people inquired
about how much it hurt, and whether or not it went through the bone.
But I am happy with my piercing and am deciding what I want next. I
think it was the best piercing yet.


Play Piercing - Deanna

About a week ago I was at my piercer's studio, Russ, getting a couple
new holes in myself when he suggested that shoving 100 needles in me
would make for some great pictures for my IAM page. I really didn't
think much of it at first but then I started thinking about it and then
I couldn't stop. I couldn't sleep for a whole night because of it. So
the next day I messaged Russ and asked him if he wanted to do a play
piercing session with me. Off course he said yes. Like anyone would
refuse such an opportunity. Since my birthday was coming up we both
decided that that would be the best time to do it on. I thought I was
going to have plans that day so I told him I would prefer to have it
done the day after, Saturday.

The days were passing so slowly I
couldn't bare it anymore. All I wanted was to get my 100 needles in my
back. Instead of doing class work or even paying attention to my
teacher I would be drawing out new patterns that I wanted on my back.
It took me so long to figure it out. The one I ended up choosing was
the simplest of all; the corset. At first I wanted something that
extended from my back to my front but then I thought I don't think I
bought enough needles or I don't think anyone wants to see my chest.

My birthday came!Yay! Unfortunately I had to write an exam on it. Well
afterwards I went home, sat down at my computer, and started chatting.
As usual Russ was online so we started talking about my plans for the
play piercings. Apparently his schedule got pretty booked Saturday so
he asked me if I wanted to come to the studio and do it today. Of
course I couldn't refuse. I was so excited. I had forty-five minutes to
get ready so I took a shower you know the usual and voila Russ was in
my driveway waiting for me. I rushed to put my shoes on, almost fell
into the wall again, and ran out the door.

We finally got to the studio but he had to stop by at Giant Tiger (my
future employers hopefully) to get some soap and pop. This was
torture!!!! I couldn't stand to wait any longer. He finally paid for
his stuff and off to the studio we went. Even the little minute walk it
took to get to the studio was torture. I'm very impatient and don't
like to wait for any of my piercings.

I'm sitting in Russ's office now talking to him while Gary (the new
tattoo guy) is tattooing some guy. Eventually our conversation moved to
the room were he does the piercings and in no time I had my shirt off,
my back cleaned, and the lines to guide the needles drawn. I'm very
twitchy so having my back cleaned made me twitch like crazy. It was
actually quite amusing. Finally came the time for Russ to shove a
needle through my back. "Take a deep breath in and exhale"...and then
the needle went in. I couldn't believe how much it didn't hurt. I took
another deep breath in, exhaled, and in went the second one. Even the
second one didn't hurt. After that one I told him to just shove them
in, no need for deep breathing, I was doing great. In hardly any time
Russ shoved 80 needles into my back to form the corset. 20 needles were
left so he placed 10 of them on either side of my back and the rest we
had special plans for. I bought black ribbon so Russ laced me up, took
lots of pictur es and there it was my beautiful corset. It felt great
having all of those needles in me. I still want them in me.

After the pictures where taken of my back I went back on the moving
padded table and Russ started to take each one out. We were both hoping
for a lot of blood. I was bleeding but not as much as I was hoping. Oh
well at least I bleed a bit. We took more pictures of me bleeding and
Russ even gave it that extra touch by writing BME in the blood. I
though that was quite nice.

Now was time to shove 10 more needles in me because we didn't use all
of them up. At first we were going to place them in my forehead but
then we figured out that my skin didn't have much give up there. After
thinking for about 30 seconds about what we were to do for the rest of
the needles we decided to shove them through my eyebrows. Five needles
in each eyebrow. I also expected these to hurt but as I should have
known, they didn't hurt at all. Those went in; we took some pictures
and then took them out. This time I was bleeding all over the place.
Finally some blood! I was waiting for this. We took some more pictures
and then I got all cleaned up.

This was by far the best birthday gift I have ever gotten. It was fun
and exciting. I set a new personal record of how many piercings I can
get in one shot and I actually feel a bit better about myself. This
will definitely not be last time I do this and maybe next time I'll do
two boxes of needles instead of just one.


12g Outer Labia Piercings - Katie

Why would you want to do that to yourself? A question heard by many
of us intertwined in the body modification world. For some it is
spiritual, for others it is aesthetic. For me, it is a bit of both.

While sitting in a hotel room with some friends, I listened to a
conversation about a person who only had himself tattooed and pierced
where it was visible to the public. Underneath his clothes he had
nothing but his original skin. To the outside world, he would be
labelled as someone who is heavily involved in body modification.

I took a look at myself. To the outside world, I am pretty ordinary
looking. But underneath it all, I am a girl who has 11 piercings (3 in
genitals), all unexposed except for five in my ears. I realised that I
had a totally different view on body modification than others may. I
suppose I like how people react when they do find out what I have
pierced as it can be a bit surprising and unexpected. For some it is a
disappointment, and for others I become a novelty. Ultimately, I do
this for myself and I love sharing my experiences with those interested
in joining this community or who are merely adding new additions.

As Shannon Larratt says, "This is a community of friends". While
sometimes, the community can seem like the more modifications you have,
the more elite you are, the true people who love body modification for
themselves and not to impress others can be the nicest people you will
ever meet. This is not a contest. Modify yourself for yourself.

This experience is about the first week of my 2 outer labia rings. I
remember when I was researching about labia piercings in general, I
wanted to know all the details and I hope this will provide someone who
is contemplating piercing their labia's with all the information they
are looking for about the before and after.

I already had my vertical clitoral hood pierced but definitely was
interested in more genital piercings. I had decided against a christina
because of the high migration rate, and soon after decided on my
labia's. The next decision was would I pierce my inner or outer
labia's? After consulting with piercers, friends, and the general
public, the unanimous vote was for my inner labia's. I took a look at
my own anatomy and had my doubts about them working.

A couple of my friends are professional piercers, so I made my choice
for Russ Foxx, from Foxx Works Inc., in Alliston, Ontario (about 40
minutes away). I talked to Russ about prices and whatnot online but we
decided that the big decisions would have to be made at the shop (such
as placement and he would have to look at my genitals to see if inner
would work or not). I made an appointment for Saturday January 17th, at

I drove through a snowstorm to get there, but I arrived at Foxx Works
at 4pm and at about 4:30pm I was up in the room with my legs spread
being examined. We decided on 12ga CBR's and after checking my anatomy
Russ told me that my inner labia's were not going to work, so we
quickly decided on the outer labia's. Placement was the next piece of
business to take care of, and Russ suggested that I did them high up so
they would not get irritated during sex, and that they may also provide
some stimulation to my clit. He also suggested that if I wanted to add
more down the road that this would provide lots of space for future
decisions. I agreed and he marked me, clamped me, and checked for blood
vessels. Everyone kept stressing that I do breathing exercises, so I
kept that in mind and Russ did not let me forget that either as he did
not want me passing out. After a few deep breaths, the first needle
went through and the jewellery was placed in. It hurt, but it was not
excru ciating and it went numb quite fast. The second was a lot worse.
It seemed to sting a lot, and it felt about two times worse than the
first one. Once Russ was done he took a picture for his portfolio and
then I lay there for a bit as I was shaking a lot. Eventually I got up,
got dressed and made my way down the stairs.

The healing begins:

Saturday night: lots of bleeding, very painful to walk, lots of pain.

Sunday: a bit more bleeding, very painful to walk, lots of pain (can't
cross legs or put legs together), and the beginning of a whitish

Monday: bleeding had stopped, very painful to walk, lots of whitish secretions.

Tuesday: painful to walk, whitish secretions.

Wednesday: a major improvement. Still uncomfortable to walk, whitish secretions, but less painful, itchy.

Thursday: slightly uncomfortable to walk but much better, itchy, secretions becoming less apparent (sealed off).

Friday: slightly uncomfortable to walk, minor pain.

Saturday: walking was pretty much back to normal, and pain was minimal,
could almost comfortably cross legs and put legs tightly together.

Sunday: walking did not irritate at all, pain was minimal.

I cannot stress enough, PROPER aftercare! Everyday I did 2 sea salt
soaks, making sure to rinse thoroughly with running water after each
soak and shower. I also did some rinses to clean off the whitish
secretions a couple times a day as well. It is now 9 days after I was
pierced and I am still doing the sea salt soaks twice a day and will
continue until I feel as though I am properly healed. A healthy diet
and vitamins also insure that your body will be in great shape to help
heal more quickly. Although genital piercings tend to have a fast
healing rate, proper aftercare is vital in the healthy healing of ANY

This is the way my body healed my piercings and everyone will have
different techniques and healing times. Sleeping was very uncomfortable
for about a week, as putting my legs together (sleeping on your side)
hurt a lot. Everyday when I woke up I noticed a huge improvement and
after each cleaning I felt an improvement as well.

I strongly recommend this piercing. They look beautiful, and the
healing was not too bad. Genital piercings are not for everyone, so be
sure to research the pros and cons of every piercing.

The list of my current modifications are: 4 lobes, 1 cartlidge, tongue,
nipples, vertical hood, 2 outer labias. If you have any questions about
any of these, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you so much to Russ Foxx of Foxx Works Inc. for aiding me in the
process of 2 beautiful additions to my genitals. I love them so much!

Happy piercing.


 8mm Septum Punch - Dan

Dermal punched septum. It has something to it, to the untrained ear it
might not sound like anything important but to those who know anything
about bod mod it will make them take a second glance. Sure lots of
people have their septums pierced or stretched but how many out there
have sat down in the chair and had a fairly large piece of their nose
removed? Not too many that I know of. Also when you explain to someone
what that big white thing is in your nose the reaction is priceless.

If it is not already blatantly obvious this is an experience about me
getting my septum dermal punched. The septum dermal punch is different
from other punches I believe, with your ears or nostrils it is pretty
much impossible to conceal while the septum punch, like the piercing,
is there when you want it and concealable when needs be. It is
something that I have been considering for well over a year and have
been planning seriously for at least 6 months. I first got my septum
pierced at 14 gauge a year and a half ago and have always wanted it
bigger. Somehow the little ring wasn't enough, I needed more. I
considered stretching but that idea seemed to not be great for me
because it would mean that once I get it fairly large the bottom of my
nose would start to drop down and it would be visible at all times. The
punch however can be done high enough up that it is not obviously
there. Over time this process was becoming more appealing and soon was
a set goal for me. Af ter talking to my buddy Russ (owner of Foxx Works
in Alliston, Ontario) about it I decided that he would be the one to do
this for me. The next question was size, I told him as big as possible
so we decided to use an 8mm dermal punch followed by a taper to stretch
the hole up to 9mm. This is half way between 0 and 00. I was pumped
everything was in place.

On Friday April 16 2004 a buddy from work who lives in Alliston drove
me up to see Russ and get this thing done. We got into the room, set up
and took out my small 14 gauge CBR to make room for the punch. After
cleaning and me getting all my nerves out things were lined up. 1, 2,
3, *pop, crack, pop* push and the punch was through. The excruciating
pain that I was expecting was not there. The worst part was most
defiantly the sound, which send shivers down my spine. So I am now
sitting in the chair with an 8mm dermal punch through my septum, time
to stretch. Once again I am expecting some horrific pain. Ok her comes
the stretch........done I didn't even feel it. Then time for the Teflon
plug, which again was an easy transfer with minimal pain. By this time
there was a nice trickle of blood slowly making it's way past the
corner of my mouth and down my chin. Little did I know the worst was
yet to come, o-ring time. We tried once, twice, three times and failed.
The fir st o-ring really didn't want to get on there. We tried all
sorts of different ways with different tools but nothing would do the
job. Finally after close to half an hour we got the first one on and
the second one thankfully didn't take as much time. As I was getting
ready to leave the room he reminded me that my small CBR was still on
the table. I picked it up, looked at it, looked in the mirror and tried
to fit it back in it's old home. Amazingly enough after having it out
for over an hour it slid back in with ease. I now had a 9mm septum hole
as well as a 14 gauge one. It was time to clean me up and get the
evening started. I washed up took a nice picture of the piece of me
that was now sitting in Russ' hand and we were off. I took a couple
painkillers as a precautionary measure because I had little knowledge
of the evening's partaking. We ended up heading out to a party with
some of his friends and drinking way too much. I was surprised the next
evening around 5 when I woke up that my nose still wasn't too sore, a
slight throb but nothing else.

I was still in Alliston and had to catch a
bus home so I called Greyhound which it turns out has no weekend bus
service to Toronto. Not cool, so we ended up driving to Barrie where we
ate some Taco Bell and then to the bus. Jumped on the bus still excited
from the previous day and made it home just in time to crash and get a
good nights rest. Next morning no pain, a little bit of dried blood
around the opening but that was to be expected, thank god for q-tips.
My nose felt a little bit swollen but in good condition.

After a week it still seemed swollen and the o-ring on my left side was
pretty much sucked into my nose, which was not good at all. I called up
Tom at Stainless Studios and got him to make me a new plug and fix the
o-rings for my healing nose. When I got there he took a look and pulled
out a 00 gauge taper which scared me because stretching it even 1mm
after it only being a couple weeks old didn't sound like fun at all.
Once the plug was out it felt slightly odd to breathe but interesting.
With no effort at all the new plug slid right in and after struggling
once again with tricky o-rings I was set up and ready to rock. That was
a few days ago and since then my nose it feeling much better and
hopefully it will be all nice and healed up soon so I can begin the
stretching journey!

I know that it has only been a couple of weeks but the healing seems
much easier then getting it pierced small which I am very happy of.
After care is the same as a regular piercing so nothing too special
there. I can now say that I am the proud owner of a 9mm septum. Happy
piercing and punching!


 Vertical Labret - Sarah

After about 3-4 years of trying to convince my mom to let me get a lip
piercing, I finally managed a few weeks ago. The result of this was a
constant; "Maybe", "We'll see, Sarah", until my dear friend got her
tongue pierced. My mom finally caved. She wanted me to get it pierced
around my birthday, but I couldn't wait that long. Making up excuses
like, "It'll be better for school, it'll be almost healed, people won't
be around to touch it, (etc etc)," my mom finally agreed to let me get
it done before school.

On Monday, she called Russ Foxx - the
piercer - and made the appointment. I was thrown into a fit of
tremendous happiness. Oh, one would not believe. My appointment was for
12:30 pm, on Tuesday. I will admit, I was a little frightened, but I
was more excited. I was scared of the pain, but I've wanted a vertical
labret for a while now, so I was going to go through with it no matter
how scared I got. During the day, I couldn't stop thinking about what
it would feel like, and I was thrown into a fit of happiness for the
whole day, scared and excited about my upcoming piercing. I was scared
I would end up crying from pain, because of the stories I had heard;
but I was willing to cry if it came down to that.

Tuesday came, and time went so slow. Jennifer arrived at my house,
which I was not expecting. We waited in my room for a bit, but the more
we waited, the more I just wanted to go and get it done. we left to go
for my appointment. I was ready to chicken out when we were walking
into 'The Tunnel', because of what I'd heard from other people but hey
- I figured I'm a tough girl, I can handle this. I got more comfortable
when I was looking at tunnels and such for my ears. Russ asked for ID,
my mom gave it to him. He wrote down what I was getting, I filled out
the rest, my mom gave her signature. We were set. I was ready to get my
first body piercing.

Jennifer led the way up to the room at the top of the stairs, I was
excited. Everything was extremely clean, and smelt very sterile. I
swear, there was not a single speck of dirt anywhere. I sat down, I
couldn't stop giggling. The moment had come - a vertical labret. All
fear was gone now, and I knew I was not turning back now; definitely
not after this long. Russ came in, gave my mom the ID back, and then
went off to wash his hands. He came back in and got everything ready.
He had to use a smaller bar in length because I have rather small lips.
He cleaned my lip, and then put the placements on, and I was satisfied.
Mouth wash came next, fun. I then lied down, and he put the clamps on
my lip. It wasn't really uncomfortable. To me it felt like little teeth
biting at my lip, it felt rather nice. He then told me to close my eyes
and take long breaths. So I did. And suddenly, I felt the needle press
on my lip. I started to wonder how it was going to go through my lip
and how fast it would happen, and I felt it tug a little, and then
break through. It didn't hurt, it was more the shock of, "Oh my god,
there's a needle through my lip. Wow. I finally got it done. After all
this time, and all this waiting." And of course, there was Jennifer to
follow it up with "It's just a needle but it looks so pretty!" After
the needle came the jewellery, a 16g bar, and I was set. I was amazed
at how little pain there was, it felt really good. I got up, and
checked it out in the mirror. I thought it was just lovely. I fell in
love with my lip automatically. How could you not? Vertical labret's
are gorgeous. He asked if I felt faint, but I felt so amazing. I was
ready to get another piercing immediately. My lip hurt a bit, but it
was expected!

I checked it out in the mirror, no swelling, no bleeding, it was
perfect. So he told me about aftercare, which I remember all of and
gave me a business card, and the papers about aftercare and what-not.
So we left, and went to show off my vertical labret. And it still
hasn't swollen, which I'm very thankful for! I think I'm going to
become rather addicted to the piercing process - next, my septum.


 4pt Vertical "Suicide" Suspension - Selene

I know am I writing this experience story far too late. It would have
been more... satisfying to have written this the day after the
suspension, but here I am, much, much later. It took place on October
the 22nd, over a month ago. So if any little details are a bit off, I
am sorry, but my memory just can't hold more than 1 KB.

It all
started with a Digital Design class project that I was assigned. We
were supposed to create a body extension and do a performance art piece
with it. A body suspension was the first thing I thought of... and the
idea wouldn't leave my mind. So I tentatively googled body suspension
groups in Vancouver and found some of Russ Foxx's webpages. I contacted
him, and lucky for me there was a group suspension in two weeks
planned. I said I would go for sure but may just end up watching and
not suspend myself.

I was pretty nervous the whole time while watching the others suspend.
A couple of other people did it for their first time as well, so I
wasn't the only one who hadn't done it before. Russ was pretty fun to
watch with all his crazy swinging, picking up people, and pulling. And
seeing people go up for their first time was exciting as well. But I
hadn't planned on waiting 6 hours before my turn at it. So I was pretty
tired by the time I was ready to do it and there wasn't anyone else in

Horray for the cookies (animal crackers, but not vegan! ... I ate the
honey anyhow though...) and juice that were brought by the girls! They
saved my blood sugar levels! I had candy and sugary stuff with me, but
no real food. Here's the moral of the story early: MAKE SURE YOU EAT
BEFORE YOU DO A BODY SUSPENSION. It wasn't THAT bad... but... well,
read on.

I was sweating like crazy because I was more worried about going
through the piercing process than the actual suspension. But I somehow
managed to sign the paper and get myself to lie down. More sweating all
over the table apparatus while having my back cleaned. Then some
massage to loosen the skin on my back. It would be a four-point suicide
suspension, with the hooks going vertically.

Russ makes it look so easy to piece someone with giant needles on
hooks, but I can't imagine it is. So I'm glad someone who knew how to
do it properly was doing it on me. I was scared outta my mind, but it
was nothing. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. The first
hook went in and I wasn't screaming in pain. Fear of the unknown is
always the worst and the anxiety release after is usually what makes me
almost pass out in these types of situations. I was fine. The other
three hooks were pretty much the same, maybe the last one pinching a
bit more. So I was ready to be rigged up! It felt strange having these
things in my back. I didn't really want to move my arms much or stretch
the skin on my back.

While I was being rigged I had to sit down... twice. Here's my anxiety
thing happening. Finally I was okay enough to be completely hooked up
and start my suspension. The hooks were pulled gently to slide up into
a vertical position. Didn't really feel it. Then tension was applied.

It's hard to remember exactly what happened during this time. I took a
LONG time to get off my feet. I sat down AGAIN too. But there was lots
of stepping back and forth, rocking, and easing down on the hooks. It
was really neat feeling the skin pull off my back, but once my weight
was being pulled it hurt. I had heard that some people complain about
pain in the lower back, but all I could feel was pinpoint pain at each
hole, especially the ones on the outside edges. I didn't think I was
going to rip, but it took a lot of mental control to continue to apply
weight down on my skin. I was on my tiptoes for the longest time trying
to get my toes off the floor, but there was a mental blockage there
too. I didn't want to lose the security of being able to take away the

Eventually I managed to tuck my toes away and was pulled up a bit
further off the ground. I hung for a really brief while, and started to
feel really tired. I think it was 20 - 30 minutes of trying to get off
the ground. So my body was so tired from that and from not eating real
food for at least six hours. (Again, make sure you eat!) I was happy
nonetheless, that I was able to even get off the ground at all. And I
had my school project! Double score!

But it's not over once you come down. There's the lovely back massage
after. I didn't feel the hooks come out, but I could feel the air in my
back. And that air has to come out! Watching the video was lovely.
Bubbly, bloody holes being squished on my back. It wasn't painful, but
I REALLY, REALLY did not like the feeling of it. I was squirming like a
toddler trying clothes on. Some bandages were slapped on and I was all
good! Feeling great and a bit less tired.

Went out to eat after and then went home to a well-desired rest. HAH. I
wish. My back felt like a board. I was so stiff that whole night I
could barely sleep at all. I tend to turn a lot when I sleep but I was
just too sore to move. The next day felt like after the first day of
hiking the West Coast Trial with a giant backpack on. I was moving like
a robot for awhile. But it was well worth it.

I am "hooked" as so many people like to say. I definitely want to give
it another go and try to swing around a bit in the same 4pt suicide
form. I'd also like to try one from my knees one day. Oh, and just in
case you want stats to compare experiences, I'm female, 5'3" and 100

(My project didn't really fit the criteria exactly, because I didn't
MAKE a body extension, but I squeaked away with an 'A' nonetheless. Heh

Happy Hanging!


Triangle Piercing - Lauren

I have an on-and-off history with body piercing, and for my entire
life it’s been “one of those things” that I knew would be an inevitable
part of my life. When I was 13, I convinced my mom to let me get my
lobes pierced twice. When I was 14, I stretched my original lobe
piercings to 6g. (That didn’t work out so well when my mom discovered
and made me take them out – but since then I’ve stretched them back to
about 8-10g and will probably keep them there) Fast forward to the
summer I turned 19, I ended up getting both of my nipples pierced
vertically, one within a month of the other. I figured it was sexy and
easy to hide from parents or friends – my little secret! This past
September, as soon as I moved out to go to a different university as a
transfer student, I got a small stud in my nose.

When I first discovered BME, right around when I was researching how to
safely stretch my ears when I was 14, I almost immediately stumbled
upon the concept of piercings as sexual and seductive decorations. The
photos of the piercings blew my mind – they were so attractive! My
opinion hasn’t changed since, but living under my parents’ roof until I
was just over 19, and as a result not able to get any piercings (or,
rather, any piercings I had to tell them about/that were visible), gave
me a long time to research what I wanted.

That list always included nipples, and only since I’ve had my nipples
pierced has my possible-piercing list expanded to include ‘down there’.
My nipples have always been pretty sensitive and one of my favourite
parts to play with, but the piercing just took it right up to the next
level. I hoped that getting metal ‘down there’ would give me the same

So, once I had some money I called Russ for a consultation. Russ Foxx
is someone whose name came up a few times after searching around on the
internet for a piercer in Vancouver. He does all sorts of suspension,
scarification, body piercing, and much more. He’s done my nose and my
triangle, and he’s had amazing bedside manner and always displayed very
high levels of personal hygiene and sterilization – he says what he’s
doing as he does it, goes through more gloves than is probably
environmentally friendly, and has answered all of my questions
knowledgeably and politely. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a
piercer in BC’s lower mainland!

During the consultation, I explained that I wanted ‘something’ down
there, but I wasn’t sure whether I wanted a VCH, triangle, Christina,
or so forth. He had me lie down on the table on a fresh sheet of paper,
put the soles of my feet together and splay my knees – it wasn’t a
position for the shy! I don’t have a lot of modesty – well, it’s not
like I’m walking around in miniskirts and tube tops on a daily basis,
but I’m comfortable with myself and I realize that if I want a CBR down
there, someone else is going to have to see my va-jay-jay – so be it.
He’s probably seen a fair amount in his career, and if he’s not worried
about it, why should I be?

In the end, he said that I had a bit of a small hood for a VCH, but it
could still work. Christina’s are possible, but he reminded me that
those were purely for decoration as opposed to function. That, combined
with the rejection rate, made me think that maybe a Christina wasn’t
the best genital piercing to start off with. (Definitely considering it
for the future though) What interested me was that he told me that he
had yet to encounter someone who WASN’T suitable for a triangle – when
he performs them, he lightly clamps the area and it’s worked quite
well. The main issue is the piercer’s anatomy knowledge – if you know
where you’re going and what’s in the area, more than likely you won’t
have any issues. It’s when someone without an idea of what’s down there
tries the procedure that you run into issues like hitting a nerve
(OUCH… that’s something I would NEVER want to experience).

As an aside at the end of the appointment, I mentioned that my (13
month old) nipple piercings (that I got done elsewhere) were still
pussing a bit, although they weren’t infected or sore. He took a look,
and said that they were pierced too deep and would effectively never
heal. (Not on a reasonable time scale, anyways – I mean, it’s been over
a year and they’re still not healed) His recommendation was to take
them out, give them a couple of months to heal, and then get them
repierced where they should be. Sadly, I took them out that night.

So, needless to say, without my nipples I needed SOME metal below my
neck. Since the triangle had such a favourable reputation, and the VCH
would be small (and really, it’s so common), the triangle would happen.
I made the appointment for a few days later, right before he left for a
Europe trip to do some networking for piercing and the like.

It was the first time I had made an appointment, as opposed to just
spur of the moment showing up and going through with it. So I was quite
nervous by the time that the 6pm appointment arrived. I ate a small
dinner first, and then walked in.

A few quick hellos, a few initials and signed sheets, a quick “of
course the apprentice can watch” (if I’m going to do this, I may as
well make it educational for someone) and up I go into the piercing
room. I strip off waist-down after he sets everything up, going through
a few pairs of gloves and unwrapping all the autoclaved tools.

He sets my legs up the same way as the consultation (knees out! Leave
your modesty at the door), cleans me up, and then clamps and marks me.
The apprentice (with her super-clean hands and gloves on) helps to pull
my skin out of the way as Russ positions the clamps, and after a few
dots we’re good to go. The clamps, because he did them so loosely,
barely hurt at all – I would say more uncomfortable if anything. The
gist of what he told me was that if it feels really painful, then that
means he’s probably gotten a nerve (read: my clit) and that was not
good at all, so let him know. I don’t have an above-average pain
tolerance either – I can sit and suffer through it okay if I know it’ll
be worth it in the end, but I’m not one of those people who can get a
piercing and then say “Wow, did it happen already? I didn’t feel a
thing.” So, really, in the method that Russ used, there was no pain.

Okay – moment of truth! Breathe in, and now slowly breath outHOLY
[EXPLETIVE] I definitely yelled a bit. My nipples hurt a heck of a lot
when I got them done, and I’d say that this triangle hurt a bit on
initial needle penetration, a lot (nipple level) when it got to the
middle part, and the last bit was a
grimace-and-bear-it-you’re-almost-done mentality. I’ve never had a
piercing that took that long to complete, although I know he did it
relatively quickly. I actually had enough time to take a second breath
in and out (a much smaller one, though) The pain was intense in the
middle, but it only lasted as long as the needle was pushing through.
Putting in the jewellery and popping the ball into the CBR wasn’t
painful so much as just sensitive, and my body was too busy recovering
to really notice a minor discomfort as Russ fiddled with the jewellery
and final steps.

I didn’t feel too lightheaded (thanks to eating dinner about 30min
earlier, I think), and, for me at least, piercings don’t generally hurt
unless the needle is actively forging a path through my body, so we
were good to go. I got dressed, talked aftercare, and put on a
pantyliner just in case (I was told I’d probably only need it for the
first 24-30hrs, if at all). I paid and left. (About $115 plus tip:
piercing was $80 + jewellery, and now we have that stupid new HST tax)
Crossing my legs was a no-no, so putting on my shoes was fun. Sitting
down gently, on the edge of the seat first, then sliding back, seemed
to be the best way to take a seat.

By the time I got home, a regular maxi-pad seemed to be the way to go.
There was moderate bleeding (probably due to a bumpy bus ride home and
walking to and from the bus stop), but I figured I’d let the pad do its
job and go to bed. When I woke up, I couldn’t see the CBR for the
amount of blood clots around it. I took a hot shower, and it really
helped clean it off. I wore a maxipad for the rest of the day, and by
that night I just used a pantyliner (and it was barely needed). I
didn’t get near to the capacity of the maxipad, just barely enough to
make me want more than a liner. By far, the worst of the bleeding was
the first 12 hours.

Now it’s exactly 2 days after it happened, and the liner is more
just-in-case than anything. There’s very little new bleeding, just a
bit more ‘wetness’ down there than is normal for me (just adjustment to
having something new down there I suppose, that will probably go away
in a bit, I’m not worried). It stings when I accidentally brush it with
my hands if I’m doing the salt soak, but that’s to be expected when
it’s this new. Sitting down is now fine and dandy, which impressed me
for how quick that much of it healed.

I’m excited to see what it changes during sex, and I’m in a long
distance relationship at the moment so I’m excited to see my
boyfriend’s reaction – no ones knows I’ve done it. So far I would call
this a success, but there’s still at least a couple weeks of healing to
happen before I can give it any abuse or play. I can’t wait! I’ll also
get my nipples re-pierced around Christmas, so life’s looking great.
I’m now considering a Christina sometime after I get my nipples done,
if I can afford it then (the wonders of a student lifestyle… no, I
can’t afford to eat but yes, I will pay you to punch holes in my body).
The triangle may be my ‘gateway’ piercing into female genital piercing!
Maybe an outer labia piercing or two in the future?

This has been a great choice so far, and although I’ve yet to try it to
its full potential I would recommend this piercing! I’d recommend any
piercing, really, just get it done by someone who knows what they’re
doing, and take care of it properly. If you’re worried about the pain,
know it’s only for a few seconds at most and everyone feels pain
differently. If you’re worried about the risk, find an experienced
piercer whom you feel comfortable with. It looks gorgeous, and it’s my
little secret! Feel free to email me with questions about the piercing
if you’re considering it yourself. __________________________________________________________________________________





The optimal way to care for your piercing is to clean it once to twice per day for the first two weeks (if you are physically active, try to schedule your cleaning for after you exercise) and leave it alone at all other times. The easiest and most comfortable way to clean your piercing is either during or immediately following a hot shower. The hot water and steam will help soften your skin and loosen the crust at the base of your jewelry (making it easier to remove). While in the shower, wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap (any soaps containing fragrances can irritate your piercing or cause allergic reactions). If you are unsure about a product, always consult your piercer before using it.

Sea Salt Soaks (Saline)

I recommend using saline exclusively as a cleaner. Saline is an extremely mild solution with antibacterial properties and has a neutral ph when introduced into a wound. It is generally more cost-effective and less wasteful to make saline with a specific ratio of sea salt and water rather than buying it by the bottle. You can perform your sea salt soaks either in or out of the shower. First, fill a fresh disposable cup with approximately 1 cup (250ml) of lukewarm water and add ¼ teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt, stirring until it is dissolved. Place the cup over the piercing; forming a vacuum-type seal, or dip the piercing into the cup. If either of these techniques are not possible, pre-soak a swab or paper towel in the sea salt solution and firmly press it on your piercing. In order to promote effectiveness, the first sea salt soak should last at least 10 minutes. All additional soaks should last at least 5-10 minutes. Following the sea salt soak, gently pat your piercing and jewelry dry with a fresh disposable paper or cotton product.

*For those who are extremely sensitive, an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen (Motrin IB, Advil, etc.) can help reduce swelling and pain.

Additional Tips:

According to piercing-friendly physician Dr. Janet L. H. Keating with the Duke University Student Health Service, one of the best ways to care for and heal a piercing is to “promote healthy lifestyle habits.” Some additional tips to keep in mind include:

-Remember: a piercing is a wound. Consequently, you should expect tenderness, swelling, discoloration, and possibly bruising, bleeding and itching. Also, a natural part of the process for healing any wound includes the secretion of a white-yellow fluid (containing dead cells and plasma). This fluid will dry and form crust on your jewelry. To properly remove this crust, refer to our primary suggestions for healing your piercing.

-Never touch your piercing without first washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap. This is a great way to avoid infections even after your piercing is healed.

-Do not use petroleum-based ointments (e.g.- Neosporin, Polysporin, Bacitracin, etc.), hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, Betadine, iodine, and Hibacleanse!!! These substances can hinder and prolong the healing process.

-Check the accessories (e.g.- beads, balls, gem-ends, etc.) on your jewelry for tightness at least once a day. Make sure your hands are first cleaned with anti-bacterial soap!!! Checking your accessories is something that you should make habitual throughout the life of your piercing. Remember: tighten all threaded accessories by turning them to the right (right-tight, left-loose).

-Always wear loose and clean clothing around your new piercing.

-Do not expose your fresh piercing to oral contact or other bodily fluids. Use protective barriers such as condoms, dental dams and finger cots – even if you are in a monogamous relationship.

-Do not expose your piercing to cosmetics such as make-up, hair styling products, lotion, etc.

-Keep your piercing free of hair contact if possible.

-Eat nutrient-dense meals throughout the day and consider supplementing your diet with Vitamin C (1000mg in mineral ascorbate form, up to 3 times a day) and Zinc (120mg for males and 60mg for females). These supplements are most effective during the first 2-3 weeks of the healing process. If you are very active (e.g.- work hard, partake in regular exercise, etc.) extra nutrient-dense meals and an additional multi-vitamin supplement may help keep your immune system working efficiently.

-Drink plenty of fluids. Drinking 8-10 glasses of bottled or purified water per day is a great way to keep your body hydrated.

-Try to get 8 hours of sleep per night, or whatever amount is healthy for you. 8 hours is usually considered the optimal amount of sleep for the body. This will help your body heal as best as possible. If you are living in a high-stress environment, consider resting as much as you can in your down time.

-Try not to sleep on your new piercing. This can cause irritation and prolong the healing process.

-Replace your bedding with clean sets of sheets, blankets and pillow-cases as often as possible during the healing process.

-Do not leave the jewelry out of a piercing for prolonged periods of time! If you must remove your jewelry, either put in a retainer or replace it ASAP. For example, a tongue piercing can close up in a matter of hours.

-Avoid going into a pool, hot tub, lake, etc. These types of water can be unclean and may induce infection.

Cleaning Solutions

An alcohol-free antimicrobial or antibacterial mouth rinse should be used according to package instructions (Oral B alcohol-free). Also, mild sea salt rinses. Dissolve a pinch (1/4 teaspoon) of non-iodized (iodine-free) sea salt to one cup (250ml/8oz) warm to hot distilled or bottled water (avoid hot water for the first few days). If you have high blood pressure or heart problems you will need to eliminate the sea salt and use only plain warm water rinses.

Cleaning Instructions

Rinse mouth for 30-60 seconds with solution after meals during the entire minimum initial healing time. Do not use more than 4-5 times daily and use it over intervals spaced throughout the entire day. Rinse mouth briefly (10-15 seconds) with the mild sea salt mixture no more than twice a day. If you are cleaning too often, the top of your tongue will start to turn a white to yellowish colour. Continue to clean your piercing, but reduce the number of times you are cleaning it per day. A new soft bristled toothbrush should be purchased to help reduce the bacteria that is introduced into your mouth.

What Is Normal?

Swelling of the area is perfectly normal during the first part of healing an oral piercing. It can be greatly reduced by gently sucking on clean ice. Chipped or shaved ice, or small cubes are best. The majority of the swelling usually lasts for only 3-5 days. Plaque may form on tongue jewelry, commonly on the bottom ball and/or post. Scrub your barbell with a soft bristled toothbrush to remove this (gently during healing). Try to be patient and do keep cleaning during the entire initial healing time, even if the piercing seems healed sooner. Each body is unique and healing times can vary considerably. If you have any questions, please contact your piercer. If you like your piercing, leave jewelry in it at all times. Even healed piercings can shrink or close in minutes after having been there for years! This varies from person to person, and even if your ear lobe piercings stay open without jewelry your oral piercing may not! Keep following the care procedures during the entire minimum healing time, even if the piercing seems healed sooner.

What To Do

Try to sleep with your head propped up on pillows during the first few nights of healing; keeping your head above your heart will help to avoid much initial overnight swelling. An over-the-counter, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.) taken according to package instructions can reduce discomfort and it can also help to diminish swelling the first few days. Check daily with clean hands to be sure the threaded ends on your jewelry are on tight. To clean hands, wash them carefully with liquid antibacterial soap. If your hands are not freshly washed, don’t touch yourself above the neck during the initial healing time. Replace your toothbrush and make sure to keep it clean. Try to go slowly when you eat and to take small bites when you are getting used to your new jewelry. Cold foods and beverages feel great and can help diminish swelling. Drink plenty of liquids, especially bottled water. Get enough sleep and eat a nutritious diet. The healthier your lifestyle, the easier it will be for your piercing to heal.

What To Avoid

No oral sexual contact including kissing or oral sex during the entire initial healing period, even if you are in a monogamous relationship. Avoid chewing on gum, tobacco, fingernails, pencils, sunglasses, etc. during healing. Don’t share plates, cups or eating utensils. Reducing smoking or quitting is highly advisable when healing an oral piercing. Smoking increases risks and can lengthen the healing time. Avoid undue stress and recreational drug use. Stay away from aspirin, large amounts of caffeine, and alcoholic beverages for the first several days. Alcoholic beverages include all beer, wine, and hard liquor. These can cause additional swelling, bleeding and discomfort.

Refrain from eating spicy, salty, acidic or hot temperature foods and beverages for a few days. Do not play with the piercing for the initial healing time beyond the necessary movement for speaking and eating. The mouth withstands a lot of trauma from normal speaking and eating. Try to avoid other disturbances such as excessive talking, actively playing with the jewelry, or clicking the jewelry against your teeth. Undue stress on the piercing can cause the formation of unsightly and uncomfortable scar tissue, migration, and other complications. Even after healing, excessive play with oral jewelry can result in permanent damage to teeth, gums, and oral structures. Metal is harder than the human body, be gentle. Do not use Listerine or any other mouthwash that contains alcohol. It can irritate the area and delay healing. Don’t use too many products; select and use only one cleaning solution (Oral B) plus sea salt.

Oral Piercing Hints and Tips

Some piercees will carry a spare ball in their wallet or purse. This is particularly advisable if you wear non-metallic balls such as acrylic, which is more fragile. If you break or lose a ball, a small piece of clean pencil eraser can be press-fit onto the post as an emergency measure to keep the jewelry from coming out until a replacement can be obtained. On barbells/labret studs you may change the ball portion of the jewelry at any time, but the original post should remain until initial swelling is down.


Try to focus on keeping your tongue level in your mouth to avoid biting the jewelry as you eat. Your mouth is likely to feel uncoordinated at first, but this will pass. Try eating small bites of solid foods by placing food directly onto the molars with clean fingers or a fork. Food that is already at the back of the mouth doesn’t have to get moved there by your tongue. Gently brush your tongue and jewelry while you are healing. Once healed brush tongue and jewelry thoroughly to keep plaque away.


Be cautious about opening your mouth wide when you eat, as this can result in the backing of the jewelry catching on your teeth. Take small bites and go slowly at first. The outside of the piercing may become somewhat red or pink during healing and this is normal. Refer to the Aftercare Guidelines for Body Piercings sheet for instructions on how to care for the exterior surface of such a piercing.

DISCLAIMER: This aftercare is meant for optimal scarring and is hard on the body and immune system. It’s a good idea to see your physician about antibiotics to be proactive in avoiding infections.

Days 1-3:

-Keep all of your cleaning and bandaging items in a clean, dry place. Keeping them in a sealed container is best to avoid dust and contamination.

-Always wash hands thoroughly before touching your scarification piece. You may also wear fresh medical gloves. If another person is assisting with your cleaning, they MUST wear medical gloves following their hand washing.

-Carefully remove the wound dressing after 6-12 hours. Wash the wound thoroughly with clean water and an antibacterial or antimicrobial soap twice per day; in the morning and at night. The shower is a great place to do this. Lather soap in hands and gently rub into the wounds. Always rub in the direction of the scar to avoid uneven scarring. Rinse well. Gently pat dry with a fresh disposable paper or cotton product.

-After washing, coat the wound with a thin layer of antibiotic ointment, then cover air tight in fresh cellophane dressing (Saran Wrap). Seal the covered wound with medical tape to avoid any leakage (the area must be 100% clean of any soap or residues for the tape to stick). This will deprive the wound of oxygen, thus keeping it moist and unable to heal. Do not wrap the wound too tightly, as this can keep scar tissue from healing outwards.

Days 3-10:

-Continue to wash your scarification piece twice daily.

-New tissue should now be forming, but continued cleaning is vital to avoid infection.

-Rather than using an antibiotic ointment after cleaning, you may choose to start using an irritant at this point. This helps build extra scar tissue. Toasted sesame oil works well as it will break up healing tissue as well as keeping the area from drying out.

-If you choose to continue using antibiotic ointment or petroleum jelly (Vasoline), you can add a small amount of sugar to it for a comparable effect to the toasted sesame oil.

-Gently rub your irritant in the direction of the cutting lines to avoid altering or "blowing out" the scar. Scrubbing against the wound from open skin will increase the chance of uneven scarring. For the most even scarring, scrubbing during the initial healing should be avoided completely.

-After coating the wound with your irritant, be sure to seal the wound under cellophane dressing with medical tape to keep the area airtight. Not allowing the area to dry out will force your body to create more scar tissue rather than new, healthy skin cells underneath a non-existent scab. Do not wrap the wound too tightly, as this can keep scar tissue from healing outwards.

-After day 10, discontinue the use of irritants and let the wound dry out and scab. From this point on, try not to move or bend the scabbed area, as the scabs may crack and affect the healed result.

Additional Tips:

-It is common to find a heat rash below the cellophane during some point in your initial healing. If this irritation bothers you greatly, you can discontinue irritating and wrapping your wound. This may create undesired keloid scarring as a result.

-At about the 5-6 week mark you body should have created enough scar tissue to fully cover the wound. At this point scratching, slapping and irritating the wound by hand will increase scar tissue. Please note that if you do this, you should do it consistently to the whole scar to avoid some spots scarring more than others.

-The amount of scarring you end up with is heavily dependant on your genetics. Some people simply scar more than others. A scarification piece that is done over and area of muscle groups or high tissue movement may scar more in certain areas due to everyday movement.

-Remember: a scarification piece is a wound. Consequently, you should expect tenderness, swelling, discoloration, and possibly bruising, bleeding and itching. Also, a natural part of the process for healing any wound includes the secretion of a white-yellow fluid (containing dead cells and plasma).

-Always wear loose and clean clothing around your scarification piece.

-Do not expose your scarification piece to oral contact or other bodily fluids.

-Do not expose your scarification piece to cosmetics such as make-up, hair styling products, lotion, etc.

-Eat nutrient-dense meals throughout the day and consider supplementing your diet with Vitamin C (3000mg in mineral ascorbate form, in doses of 1000mg at a time) and Zinc (120mg for males and 60mg for females). These supplements are most effective during the first 2-3 weeks of the healing process. If you are very active (e.g.- work hard, partake in regular exercise, etc.) extra nutrient-dense meals and an additional multi-vitamin supplement may help keep your immune system working efficiently.

-Drink plenty of fluids. Drinking 8-10 glasses of bottled or purified water per day is a great way to keep your body hydrated.

-Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. This is considered the optimal amount of sleep for the body. This will help your body heal as best as possible. If you are living in a high-stress environment, consider resting as much as you can in your down time.

-Replace your bedding with clean sets of sheets, blankets and pillow-cases as often as possible during the healing process.

-Avoid going into pools, hot tubs, lakes, etc. These types of water can be unclean and may induce infection.

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A surface piercing is a piercing which has both its entrance and exit points on a flat plain with 90-degree subcutaneous bends. Microdermal anchors are similar to this, but with only one exit point. Punch and Taper is the most practical method for the installation of these types of piercings.

The Punch & Taper procedure creates a fistula perpendicular to the surface of the skin; then uses a taper to separate the dermis from the connective tissue below, making the path for the jewelry exactly the same shape as the jewelry itself.

The Punch & Taper procedure is the most practical, generally hurts less and reduces healing times.

A Microdermal is a form of pocketing which gives the look of a small transdermal implant with the simplicity and safety of a simple piercing.

There is a flat plate which acts as a base beneath the skin with a single exit for a barbell post. This gives the effect that the jewellery is screwed right into the body.

Click here to see microdermal anchors done by Russ Foxx. 

Pocketing can be kind of the opposite of a conventional piercing. With a piercing, the ends of the jewelry are exposed and the middle is underneath the skin. With pocketing, the ends of the jewelry are planted under the skin and the center is exposed. This is more specifically called a flesh staple, where small pockets hold the jewelry in place. This type of jewelry must be custom made to fit the client and perfectly fitted to the skin with smooth rounded ends.

Pocketings tend to have a low success rate similar to surface piercings. The placement of surface piercings and pocketings is very important in their chance for survival.

Pocketings can also have other variances of styles like a single-hole pocketing (microdermal anchor or transdermal implant), which have a much higher success rate in the long run than flesh staples.

Subdermal "subcutaneous" implants are three-dimensional objects placed under the skin usually for aesthetic reasons. Silicon-coated magnets can be implanted to create a sense of "magnetic vision". Coated RFID chips can also be implanted for use with security devices or for the purpose of data storage.

3-D Subdermal Implants can also be stretched just like piercings. After an implant has healed, it can be removed and replaced with a slightly larger implant. This can be done repeatedly until the desired size is reached.

Materials safe for subdermal implants are implant grade silicone, teflon, titanium & stainless steel.

For BME's full implant FAQ, click here

Transdermal implants are "percutaneous" implants that are a combination of a single-hole pocketing and an implant. This gives the visual effect that the jewelry is screwed right into the body.

The implant jewelry has a base which resembles a figure eight or a clover, with a short bar coming straight out from the base at ninety degrees. The holes in the base are designed to allow scar tissue to form through the jewelry, helping to anchor the implant in place and close the pocket created during the insertion. Transdermal implant jewelry is hand-made with implant-grade titanium.

Transdermal implants are mimicked by microdermal anchors, which are a much smaller piece of jewelry and have a more simple insertion procedure.

"Adult piercing" is a term used for genital and nipple piercings. They
usually serve sexual function, but some are done simply for aesthetic
purposes. Trans-urethral piercings generally heal quickly and serve
sexual function.

Functional adult piercings that are meant to take some abuse should be
pierced at larger gauges. 12g is generally a minimum for these types of
piercings, depending on anatomy.

Functional subdermal genital implants can vary from beads to domes to
ribs. These are most commonly done to give the shaft of the penis a
“ribbed” appearance and feel.

Some examples of adult piercings for males:

-Deep PAs
-Foreskin Piercings
-PAs (Prince Alberts)
-Prince's Wands
-Reverse PAs
-Scrotal Ladders

Some examples of adult piercings for females:

-Horizontal hood
-Inner labia
-Outer labia
-Princess albertina
-Vertical hood

The act of suspension is hanging the human body from (or partially from) hooks pierced through the flesh in various places around the body.

Body suspensions are often practiced for ritual reasons to gain a higher level of spiritual fulfillment or awareness. They can also be practiced simply for the pure adrenaline rush or to conquering fears. They can be practiced for the experience and/or self exploration, or used as a symbolic tool and represents an important event in life - such as representing one's passing from childhood to adulthood or the bond two people may share. Overall, people generally suspend to attain some sort of experience. Suspensions and pulls can even be brought to the stage for performance art and sideshow acts.

Some people are seeking the opportunity to discover a deeper sense of themself and to challenge pre-determined belief systems which may not be true. Some are seeking a right of passage or a spiritual encounter to let go of the fear of not being whole or complete inside their body. Others are looking for control over their body, or seek to prove to themselves that they are more than their bodies, or are not their bodies at all. Others simply seek to explore the unknown.

Many people believe that learning how one lives inside ones body and seeing how that body adapts to stress -- and passes through it -- allows one to surrender to life and explore new realms of possibility. While some people are seeking something spiritual, others are just looking to "do it" and the sense of accomplishment is enough for them.

Participants are pierced with hypodermic needles followed by sterile single-use hooks, which are temporary and removed immediately following the suspension. Various types, sizes and amounts of hooks are required for different types of suspensions. Varying levels and types of rigging are also required for different levels and types of suspensions.

Pulling is another form of hook play in which the participant(s) use their own strength and weight to put pressure on their hook(s); rather than actually hanging from them. This offers a very different sensation in comparison to standard suspension. Pulling can involve more tension on the hooks than an average suspension, depending on how much force is being utilized.

For BME's full body suspension FAQ, please click here

Dermal Punching allows for the insertion of large-gauged jewelry into an initial cartilage piercing. This procedure is commonly used as an alternative to stretching.

Dermal punches are often used as an alternative to needles for smaller cartilage piercings as well; as they can reduce the pressure that a piercing puts on the injured tissue. This in turn reduces scarring risks.

Another application for dermal punches is a procedure called "Punch & Taper", which is the most practical method for installing surface piercings and microdermal anchors.

Ear Pointing is the re-sculpting of the ear to create an "elf-like" or "Vulcan" look.

Flesh Stapling is a cross between pocketing and surface piercing where the middle of the jewelry, rather than the ends, is exposed. This gives the jewellery a "Staple" look.

Freehand piercing is a technique which negates the need for clamps. Freehand piercing involves massaging the tissue by hand, tenting and then holding and piercing the tissue without the aid of tools. This method is often favoured over clamping because it negates the re-sterilization and use of tools. The marking of the piercing and the jewelry insertion are basically the same as any standard piercing procedure.

Piercing for a suspension is done freehand, but the piercing procedure is slightly varied and quicker than standard piercings. This is commonly called "hook throwing".

Neodymium (Rare-Earth) Magnets implanted subdermally for the purpose of "magnetic vision". This creates a new sense within the body; the ability to sense magnetic fields.

I use two types of neodymium magnet implants: one is injection-coated with ASTM compliant implant-grade silicone and the other is coated with a harder and thinner coating generally used to coat pacemakers. If you have any questions about complications involved with this procedure, click here.

Information on Neodymium Magnets:

-Neodymium magnets (Nd2Fe14B) are the strongest and most affordable type of rare-earth magnet. Neodymium magnets are made of neodymium, iron & boron.

-Rare Earth magnets have a high resistance to demagnetization, unlike most other types of magnets.

-Neodymium magnets are over 10x stronger than the strongest ceramic magnets.

-Although neodymium belongs to "rare earth metals," neodymium is not rare at all. It constitutes 38 ppm of the Earth's crust.

Neodymium Magnetic Characteristics:

-Material Type: N45 (45 MGOe)
-Residual Flux Density: 13.3-13.7 KGs (Br)
-Coercive Force: >11.0 KOe (Hc)
-Intrinsic Coercive Force: >12 KOe (Hci)
-Max.Energy Product: 43-45 MGOe (BH)max

Play Piercing can be done for many reasons; Enlightenment, aesthetics, fetish & sexuality, photos, performances/demonstrations, etc. In all of these cases they are temporary and removed a short time after being put in. Play piercings can be done by inserting multiple hypodermic needles or jewelry can be used in some cases as well.

Corset piercings generally fall under this category, but they can also be done with permanent intentions by using carefully placed surface bars with slave ring attachments to lace through.

Scarification is the creation an artistic scar for aesthetic or ritualistic reasons. This is most commonly achieved by two methods; cutting and branding. There are many other methods that can be used, but these two are generally the safest and most easily controlled.

Simple cutting involves scalpelling a design into the skin, then healing the wound into a permanent scar. Designs that require larger, solid areas of scarring may require some tissue to be removed to achieve the desired effect. Great detail and even shading can be achieved with cutting; much moreso than branding.

Branding is another form of scarification that is more toxic and requires a more quarantined facility to be practiced in. Proper air filtration, ventilation and personal breathing filters are recommended for safe branding practices. Branding can have great results, but is limited in the amount of detail that can be achieved. Branding is often described as much more painful than cutting, but can be much faster.

Most compare the sensation of having a cutting done as "quicker and less painful than a tattoo". Many consider branding to be the most painful of all types of scarification, but the pain is mainly psychological.

Most compare the sensation of having a cutting done as "quicker and less painful than a tattoo".

For scarification I charge $150 minimum for the first hour, then $100 per hour following that. Contact me for price quotes.

Once upon a time, surface piercings were installed the same way as basic body piercings were; with a straight or curved barbell. Over the years this has been proven to be pretty much the worst way to do a surface piercing. There's always an exception to the rule, and in relation to this subject some people have healed surface piercings done this way. Having this style of jewelry in a surface piercing puts pressure on the healing tissue above and its lack of flexibility adds to the amount of stress as tissue moves.

Later, an idea came into play that was meant to eliminate the jewelry issues with surface piercing. That idea was flexible jewelry. This helped decrease the pressure on healing surface piercings, but is still considerably less reliable than proper surface bars.

Proper surface bars are made of implant grade stainless steel or titanium and have a purpendicular design in order to optimize the body's healing process. They are optimally made with internal threading and installed via the punch & taper method; similar to microdermal anchors.

Tongue Splitting is the central bifurcation of the lingual frenulum. This gives the visual effect of a "forked tongue" and instills more broad ranges of movement and the ability to control each side of the tongue independantly. Some people are naturally able to do many things with their split tongue, others have to work at it.

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About the Church

The Church of Body Modification represents a collection of members practicing ancient and modern body modification rites. We believe these rites are essential to our spirituality. Practicing body modification and engaging in body manipulation rituals strengthen the bond between mind, body, and soul. By doing so, we ensure that we live as spiritually complete and healthy individuals.

Statement of Faith

As followers of this faith, it is our purpose to educate and inspire, to share ideas, and to help each other achieve our dreams. We strive to unify and strengthen our mind, body, and soul so we can overcome any challenges we may encounter. We assert and protect our rights to modify our bodies and to practice our rituals.

We believe our bodies belong only to ourselves and are a whole and integrated entity: mind, body, and soul. We maintain we have the right to alter them for spiritual and other reasons.

Affirmation of our living, breathing, physical beings is paramount to our self-identities and helps us define who we are. The Church of Body Modification promotes affirmation and growth of a more expansive perspective of our physical and spiritual being.

Mission Statement

We, the congregation of the Church of Body Modification, will always respect our bodies. We promise to always grow as individuals through body modification and what it can teach us about who we are and what we can do. We vow to share our experiences openly and honestly in order to promote growth in mind, body, and soul. We honor all forms of body modification and those who choose to practice body modification for any reason. We also promise to respect those who do not choose body modification. We support all that join us in our mission and help those seeking us in need of spiritual guidance. We strive to share a positive message with everyone we encounter, in order to act as positive role models for future generations in the body modification community. We always uphold basic codes of ethics and encourage others to do the same. We are a dynamic community, always growing and changing, continually promoting safety, education, and experience in body modification.

Visit the Church of Body Modification (CoBM) here: