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What is a 'Transdermal Implant'?

Transdermal implants are "percutaneous" implants that are a combination of a single-hole pocketing and an implant. This gives the visual effect that the jewelry is screwed right into the body.

The implant jewelry has a base which resembles a figure eight or a clover, with a short bar coming straight out from the base at ninety degrees. The holes in the base are designed to allow scar tissue to form through the jewelry, helping to anchor the implant in place and close the pocket created during the insertion. Transdermal implant jewelry is hand-made with implant-grade titanium.

Transdermal implants are mimicked by microdermal anchors, which are a much smaller piece of jewelry and have a more simple insertion procedure.


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Re: Offroadový Desetoboj '04

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