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About Russ Foxx

I am an artist specializing in advanced body modifications, scarificationbody suspension and precision body piercing of all kinds.

More specifically, my practices include all types of body piercing, pocketing (microdermal anchors & flesh staples), scarification, large gauge dermal punches, body suspensions and pulls, transdermal & subdermal implants,tongue splits, ear sculpting (pointing, reconstructions), scleral staining, etc.

I have been practicing body art since 2001 and attended seminars with the Association of Professional Piercers in 2003, 2011 & 2012. I tour Canada twice per year and do international guest visits on the side, as well as offer training seminars and workshops for existing professionals in the industry looking to expand their knowledge base.

Body suspension has had a huge influence over who I am today. I have personally hung over 200 times and facilitated thousands of suspensions for others over the years. I am the founder and director of "The RISE Suspension Crew".

On stage I perform freakshows as "The Human Tacklebox" and have collaborated with many other performers such as The Monsters of Schlock, The Lizardman, The Enigma, The Show Devils and more.

I am available for guest spots, training workshops, demonstrations and guest spots by request.

I am on the board of advisors for the Church of Body Modification.

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Some of my certifications include:

BBP Certificate

APP Certificate

Branding CertificateGenital Beading CertificateMagnetic Implant CertificateSurface Piercing CertificateBMXNet Certificate

Suspension School Certificate